Monday, February 16, 2009

Egg Plants Salsa

Originally lien!

Egg Plants Salsa

2 large(long) Egg plants
Salt and turmeric powder

Cut egg plant if too big or too long. Rub in the salt and turmeric. Bake or grill until super soft.

4 spoonful chili paste
2 pieces of 'asam gelugor'
a handful dried shrimps(pounded)
5 cloves of garlic(chopped)
3 shallots(sliced thinly)
2 big onion(diced)
1 tomato(diced)
2 spoonful of oil
a bowl of water

1. Heat the pan with oil in it.

2. Put in the 'asam gelugor', shallot and garlic. Stir fried until brown.

3. Pour in the chili paste. Stir fry on medium heat.

4. Mix in the pounded dried shrimps. Stir for 2 minutes in low heat.

5. Increase the heat, pour in half a bowl of water. Let them boil for 5 minutes. Stir occasionally.

6. Throw in the onion. Stir. Pour in the water.

7. Bring to boil. Put in tomatoes. Stir until the the gravy thickens.

8. Turn the heat off. Mash cooked the egg plant. Mix with the gravy.

9. When it cools down, the eggplant mash will absorb the liquid.

10. Serve as sandwich spread or with rice.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Simplest Egg Sandwiches

Originally lien!
Simplest Egg Sandwiches.

3 medium eggs(boiled and peel)
1 spoonful butter
a pinch of salt
a pinch of pepper
slices of cucumber
slices of tomatoes
a bunch of finely cut lettuce
Slices of bread

Mash finely the eggs in a bowl with a fork. Put in butter,salt and pepper. Mix well all the ingredients. Spread them onto the bread. Layer them with the vegetables. Top with a slice of bread. Walla...